Villa Solara

Villa Solara

Name inspiration


Solara is a name that came by some words junction. The original latin words Solarium, Solatium and Aura that mean solar energy, comfort and light are the main goals that are pretended to this villa. With the conjugation of these 3 words, the name Solara come to our mind. This villa pretends to revolutionize the Algarve market with the constant preocupation to have a sustainable project. Currently, sustainability is one of the most discussed isseus and it was definetly a preocupation for this villa with a increased caution to preserve the envirenment.

Located five minutes from Praia da Luz, this is a project with a primordial goal to ally a contemporary architecture with a strong sustainable component, with help of Passive House concept.


General details


An exceptional property set in a peaceful location on Vila Praia da Luz, in Mata Porcas urbanization. With a elevated first floor, it was possible to reach stunning views to the Atlantic Ocean and to the countryside. The extremely spacious and contemporary style of the villa offers a high degree of comfort, with well-coordinated materials and construction techniques.

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